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In the rapidly evolving tech industry, staying ahead of the curve requires an understanding of some most sought-after skills within development.

If you’re considering a career in New Zealand’s tech sector, or seeking to enhance your existing skill set, it’s great to know which programming languages are in high demand.  Here, we delve into the top programming languages needed in NZ’s tech industry.

Python: A Language for Versatility

Python, renowned for its simplicity and versatility, tops our list. Widely used in fields such as data analysis, machine learning, web development, and automation, Python owes much of its popularity to its broad range of applications and user-friendly syntax. This makes it an excellent first language for beginners, while still being powerful enough for complex applications.

JavaScript: The Backbone of the Web

JavaScript, often referred to as the backbone of modern web development, plays a crucial role in today’s tech industry. This language is primarily used for front-end development, enabling the creation of interactive web pages that provide an enhanced user experience. If you’re planning a career in web development, proficiency in JavaScript is a must.

Java: The Enterprise Favourite

Java’s ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ approach has ensured its constant demand in the tech industry. Primarily used in enterprise environments, this language is loved for its platform independence, robustness, and the ability to create object-oriented applications. As many large organisations utilise Java, this language can open doors to numerous job opportunities.

C#: Power and Simplicity Combined

Microsoft’s brainchild, C#, is a popular choice in various domains, from game development (especially with Unity) to enterprise software solutions. This versatile language offers the power of C++ with the simplicity of Java, making it a well-rounded option for numerous applications.

SQL: The Language of Databases

Despite its age, SQL (Structured Query Language) remains a highly sought-after language due to the pervasiveness of relational databases. As the standard language for managing data in relational database management systems, SQL skills are frequently listed as requirements in IT job postings.

Ruby: The Web Developer’s Gem

Ruby, brought to fame by the Ruby on Rails framework, is a language commonly used for web development. Known for its readability and straightforward syntax, Ruby is a favourite among both beginners and seasoned developers.

Go: Efficiency at Its Best

Created by Google, Go, also known as Golang, is recognised for its efficiency and speed. Go finds its use in system-level programming and concurrent programming, thanks to its excellent support for multithreading. If performance is your primary concern, Go might be the way to go.

Swift: The Apple of Programming Languages

Swift, Apple’s proprietary language, is the go-to for iOS and MacOS applications, making it highly valuable in the mobile app development industry. Swift is designed to be powerful yet easy to use, which makes it a favourite among developers creating apps for the Apple ecosystem.

These languages are not just popular—they’re practical tools that could greatly enhance your job prospects in the NZ tech industry. The right language for you may depend on your specific job role and career aspirations, but understanding these top languages will provide a solid foundation for any programming career.


Your Next Steps

Are you ready to be a part of NZ’s burgeoning tech industry? Don’t wait—start learning one of these in-demand programming languages today! Whether you’re just beginning your coding journey or an experienced developer looking to expand your skillset, these languages offer opportunities for career growth and personal development. Happy coding!