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Kia ora, are you ready to make your next step tech?

Embrace your future with Tech Step, your gateway to an exciting array of technology careers that turn aspirations into a pathway of achievements.

Tech careers offer a wide landscape of opportunities, and we are here to inspire you with compelling tech narratives, informative events, and resources. The potential opportunities that tech careers hold for Kiwis excite us, and we can’t wait to have you as a part of this journey.

You are the people of our future. Ngā tāngata o te anamata.

Welcome to TechStep! We’re your dedicated guide on an exhilarating journey into the ever-evolving world of technology.

We are committed to unlocking the untapped potential of tech careers to a wide variety of Kiwis. Whether you’re just starting out, contemplating a career shift, or eager to expand your knowledge, TechStep is your springboard into a vibrant tech career.

We don’t just offer opportunities – we provide the tools to seize them. Explore OurDNA for our unique tech story, dive into CareerCrate for an extensive library of tech roles, watch TechFlicks for insightful journeys into the lives of tech professionals, and utilise TechVault for resources to navigate this dynamic industry.

Let’s embark on a journey together, shaping a vibrant tech future and establishing New Zealand as a global tech leader.  Step into tomorrow with TechStep, where every click is a leap towards a promising future.

Are you ready to make your next step tech?

Be Inspired by Our Tech Ambassadors

Immerse yourself in the experiences of our Tech Ambassadors who have forged their path in the tech world. Discover their passions, the impact of their tech careers, and find inspiration for your own tech journey.

Aishwarya Raman
Motion and Animation Lead, Kami

Joshua Kamau
Senior Community Manager, PikPok

Aleisha Amohia
Technical Lead, Catalyst IT


Curious about tech jobs? Explore the job opportunities suited to your personality.


Discover our tech ambassadors, their inspirations, and why they love their roles in tech.


Explore, learn, and play while you unlock the possibility of the world of tech.


Let’s chat, we’re here to help as you navigate the exciting world of tech.

Unraveling our tech story


We believe that technology has the power to reshape our world, and we want you to be a part of this transformative journey.

At TechStep, tech isn’t just a buzzword – it’s in our DNA. Our mission is to equip all Kiwis, regardless of background, to make significant strides in the tech world.

Why TechStep?  We believe in the transformative power of not just utilising technology, but creating and exporting tech innovations. This empowers New Zealand to transcend consumption and to actively participate in the global tech sector. We imagine a future where our tech sector proudly competes with our primary industries. We recognise that Aotearoa New Zealand is full of talented individuals who are potential contributors to this story, but may not realise they’re primed to leave their imprint on the tech world.

Whether you’re seeking career advice, investigating educational pathways, diving into a tech career, or enthusiastic about attending captivating events, we’re here to support you. The potential of technology to redefine the future excites us, and we can’t wait to have you part of that story too.   Your tech journey with TechStep begins today!

Powered by the Auckland Business Chamber in partnership with Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment we’re committed to keeping you updated on all things tech. From the astonishing advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to inspiring narratives of real-life tech ambassadors in fields ranging from engineering to digital marketing – we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to discover the tech world with us, because you’re the people of our future. Ngā tāngata o te anamata.

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Unlock the world of tech roles


CareerCrate is your ultimate go-to resource for unleashing the world of tech careers. We’re all about keeping it fresh, inspiring and fun while providing you with the latest scoop on tech roles across diverse industries and sectors.

Whether you’re a newcomer launching into your first job, or an experienced player looking for a fresh challenge, CareerCrate is your co-pilot in navigating the world of tech careers.

Tech isn’t just about one role or personality type.  There are so many career opportunities that fit your unique passions and skills, from entry-level opportunities to senior roles that’ll get your mates saying, “No way, that’s what you do?”

We’ve gathered a variety of tech career categories, so whether your thing is coding, design, cybersecurity, gaming, robotics, or data, we’ve got a spot for you. Bet you didn’t think tech could be this diverse!

With a user-friendly interface and powerful search tools, we’ve made exploring the tech world as easy as scrolling through your favourite social feed.  You might even discover the lesser-known, but super exciting tech roles that inspire you to open doors to your dream opportunities. We’re here to arm you with the knowledge and resources to take the tech world by storm.

Ready to make your next step tech? Check out the CareerCrate as the tech career universe is waiting for you.

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Lights, camera, tech career action


Ignite your excitement and unlock the tech career of your dreams with TechFlicks! Are you uncertain whether tech is your calling or are you eager to dive into the universe of technology? Either way, you’ve arrived at the ideal virtual platform that will help resolve your queries.

TechFlicks offers you a pass to tech careers  showcase. Settle in and lose yourself in a sequence of short and powerful videos featuring relatable tech professionals from diverse backgrounds. They’re here to share their stories – from humble origins to outstanding accomplishments, you’ll learn what sparked their love for tech, the remarkable journeys they’ve undertaken, and why they’re enthusiastic about careers powered by technology.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore what a tech career could look like or you’re ready for a game-changing switch, TechFlicks is a library of stories of people just like you.  We’re a central hub for the freshest, most compelling information on tech roles across various industries and sectors, thoughtfully arranged to align with your interests and goals. Covering coding, design, cybersecurity, and game design, our coverage of the tech world is all-encompassing

So, grab your device, press play, and tune in to hear from our tech friends. TechFlicks isn’t just entertainment – it’s an invitation to envision your personal tech narrative.

Let’s kickstart your journey with lights, camera, tech career action with TechFlicks! 

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A go-to resource hub


Intrigued by what’s trending in tech? Pondering over jobs that integrate AI or social media in their daily operations? If you’re curious about a tech career you’re in the right place.

TechVault is your comprehensive guide for all things tech through a range of resources including insightful interviews with tech industry leaders, a range of interactive flowcharts, innovative apps, AI-enhanced tools, and tailored CV and interview advice, all designed to leave a remarkable impression on potential employers.  With TechVault, you’ll always be in sync with the beat of the tech world, staying updated with the freshest news and trends shaping the industry’s landscape.

But TechVault isn’t just about the now – we’re about investigating the future. We find the tech’s evolution fascinating and its transformative power over careers throughout history intriguing. We’re here to ensure you’re future-ready, adaptable to the relentless pace of the tech industry, and poised to seize the thrilling challenges and opportunities that come your way.

We’re just starting to build the TechVault, but keep checking back as it’s continuously refreshed with new resources.  Let’s make your next step tech.

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